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(OC) = Overclocked. These are models which we have confirmed run at the stated refresh rate through our own testing, either by setting a custom resolution or using an overclocking function in the monitor OSD (On Screen Display).

VRR = Variable Refresh Rate. For ‘FreeSync’ reviews published after 15th January 2019, we also assess Nvidia Adaptive-Sync (‘G-SYNC Compatible’) support. If we’re satisfied that the Adaptive-Sync performance using ‘G-SYNC Compatible Mode’ is sufficiently similar to the AMD FreeSync performance on a given model, we mark this ‘+GSC’. This is based on our own testing with the GPU mentioned in a given review and not to be confused with Nvidia’s own ‘G-SYNC Compatible’ certification program.

ModelSizePanel typeScreen surfaceResolutionRefresh rateVRRHDRRecommended?Year reviewed
BenQ EX271027"IPSLight matte1920 x 1080144HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)Yes (no VESA certification)Recommended2021
Gigabyte M27Q27"IPSVery light matte2560 x 1440170HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)VESA DisplayHDR 400Recommended2021
AOC PD2727" (curved)VALight matte2560 x 1440240HzAMD FreeSyncVESA DisplayHDR 4002020
Acer XB323U GP32"IPSVery light matte2560 x 1440170HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)VESA DisplayHDR 600Recommended2020
ASUS PA278QV27"IPSLight matte2560 x 144075HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)-Recommended2020
Gigabyte G32QC31.5" (curved)VALight matte2560 x 1440165HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)VESA DisplayHDR 4002020
ViewSonic XG270QC27" (curved)VALight matte2560 x 1440165HzAMD FreeSyncVESA DisplayHDR 4002020
Acer XB253Q GP24.5"IPSMedium matte1920 x 1080144HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)VESA DisplayHDR 400Recommended2020
BenQ PD2705Q27"IPSVery light matte2560 x 144060Hz-Yes (no VESA certification)2020
Dell Alienware AW2521HF24.5"IPSMedium matte1920 x 1080240HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)-Recommended2020
AOC CQ27G2(U)27" (curved)VALight matte2560 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSync-Recommended2020
BenQ EW3280U32"IPSVery light matte3840 x 216060HzAMD FreeSyncVESA DisplayHDR 400Recommended2020
Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P27"IPSLight matte2560 x 1440165HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)VESA DisplayHDR 400Recommended2020
BenQ EX2780Q27"IPSLight matte2560 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)VESA DisplayHDR 4002020
AOC CU34G2X34" (curved)VALight matte3440 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSyncYes (no VESA certification)2020
Philps 346B1C34" (curved)VALight matte3440 x 1440100HzAMD FreeSync-2020
ASUS CG32UQ31.5"VAMedium matte3840 x 216060HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)VESA DisplayHDR 6002019
ViewSonic XG270QG27"IPSLight matte2560 x 1440165Hz (OC)Nvidia G-SYNC-Recommended2019
AOC 24G2(U)23.8"IPSMedium matte1920 x 1080144HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)-Recommended2019
Gigabyte AORUS CV27F27" (curved)VALight matte1920 x 1080165HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)VESA DisplayHDR 4002019
Philips 328E1CA31.5" (curved)VALight matte3840 x 216060HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)-Recommended2019
Acer X3535" (curved)VALight matte3440 x 1440200Hz (OC)Nvidia G-SYNCVESA DisplayHDR 10002019
Acer XN253Q X24.5"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080240HzNvidia G-SYNC-2019
Philips 326M6VJRMB31.5"VAMedium matte3840 x 216060HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)VESA DisplayHDR 6002019
Gigabyte AORUS AD27QD27"IPSLight matte2560 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)VESA DisplayHDR 4002019
Philips 276E8VJSB27"IPSLight matte3840 x 216060Hz--Recommended2019
Acer XB273K27"IPSVery light matte3840 x 2160144HzNvidia G-SYNCVESA DisplayHDR 400Recommended2019
AOC AG273QCX27" (curved)VALight matte2560 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSyncVESA DisplayHDR 4002019
Dell U2719D27"IPSMedium matte2560 x 144060Hz--Recommended2019
Dell S2719DGF27"TNLight matte2560 x 1440155Hz (OC)AMD FreeSync (+GSC)-2019
ViewSonic XG240R24"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144HzAMD FreeSync (+GSC)-Recommended2019
LG 34GK950F34" (curved)IPSLight matte3440 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSyncVESA DisplayHDR 4002019
AOC AG273QCG27" (curved)TNMedium matte2560 x 1440165Hz (OC)Nvidia G-SYNC-2019
Philips 328P6VUBREB31.5"VAMedium matte3840 x 216060Hz-VESA DisplayHDR 6002018
AOC Q3279VWFD831.5"IPSMedium matte2560 x 144075HzAMD FreeSync-Recommended2018
AOC C24G123.6" (curved)VALight matte1920 x 1080144HzAMD FreeSync-Recommended2018
BenQ EL2870U28"TNMedium matte3840 x 216060HzAMD FreeSyncYes (no VESA certification)2018
Dell S2419H23.8"IPSGlossy1920 x 108060Hz--Recommended2018
ASUS PG27UQ27"IPSLight matte3840 x 2160144HzNvidia G-SYNCVESA DisplayHDR 10002018
LG 32GK850F31.5"VALight matte2560 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSync 2VESA DisplayHDR 4002018
LG 32GK850G31.5"VALight matte2560 x 1440165Hz (OC)Nvidia G-SYNC-Recommended2018
AOC AG352UCG635" (curved)VALight matte3440 x 1440120Hz (OC)Nvidia G-SYNC-2018
Philips 436M6VBPAB42.51"VAGlossy3840 x 216060HzAMD FreeSyncVESA DisplayHDR 10002018
BenQ EW277HDR27"VAVery light matte1920 x 108075Hz (OC)-Yes (no VESA certification)Recommended2018
Dell S2719DM27"IPSMedium matte2560 x 144075Hz (OC)AMD FreeSyncVESA DisplayHDR 4002018
ASUS PA32UC32"IPSVery light matte3840 x 216060HzAMD FreeSyncYes (no VESA certification)2018
AOC G2590PX24.5"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144HzAMD FreeSync-2018
ViewSonic XG240224"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144HzAMD FreeSync-Recommended2018
ASUS XG32VQ31.5" (curved)VALight matte2560 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSync-2018
AOC Q3279VWF31.5"VAGlossy2560 x 144075HzAMD FreeSync-Recommended2017
Samsung C27HG7027" (curved)VALight matte2560 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSync 2VESA DisplayHDR 6002017
BenQ EW2770QZ27"IPSVery light matte2560 x 144060Hz--2017
AOC AG251FG24.5"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080240HzNvidia G-SYNC-2017
Dell U2518D25"IPSVery light matte2560 x 144060Hz-Yes (no VESA certification)Recommended2017
ViewSonic XG253024.5"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080240HzAMD FreeSync-2017
BenQ PD3200U32"IPSVery light matte3840 x 216060Hz--Recommended2017
AOC AG322QCX31.5" (curved)VALight matte2560 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSync-2017
Samsung C34F79134" (curved)VALight matte3440 x 1440100HzAMD FreeSync-Recommended2017
AOC AG352UCG35" (curved)VALight matte3440 x 1440100HzNvidia G-SYNC-2017
ASUS MX34VQ34" (curved)VALight matte3440 x 1440100HzAMD FreeSync-Recommended2017
Philips BDM4037UW40" (curved)VAGlossy3840 x 216060Hz--2017
Dell S2417DG23.8"TNLight matte2560 x 1440165Hz (OC)Nvidia G-SYNC-2017
Samsung C24FG7023.5" (curved)VALight matte1920 x 1080144HzAMD FreeSync-2016
AOC AG271QG27"IPSLight matte2560 x 1440165Hz (OC)Nvidia G-SYNC-2016
AOC AG241QX23.8"TNMedium matte2560 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSync-2016
ViewSonic VP246823.8"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--2016
ViewSonic XG2703-GS27"IPSLight matte2560 x 1440165Hz (OC)Nvidia G-SYNC-2016
AOC U3277PWQU31.5"VAMedium matte3840 x 216060Hz--2016
Dell U2417H(A)23.8"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--Recommended2016
ASUS PG248Q24"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080180Hz (OC)Nvidia G-SYNC-2016
ViewSonic XG240124"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144HzAMD FreeSync-2016
Samsung C27F591FD27" (curved)VALight matte1920 x 108072HzAMD FreeSync-Recommended2016
Philips BDM4350UC42.51"IPSGlossy3840 x 216060Hz--2016
Philips 276E6ADSS27"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108080Hz (OC)--2016
AOC C3583FQ35" (curved)VAMedium matte2560 x 1080160Hz (OC)AMD FreeSync-2016
AOC U2477PWQ23.6"IPSLight matte3840 x 216060Hz--2016
Dell S2716DG27"TNLight matte2560 x 1440144HzNvidia G-SYNC-2016
Acer XR341CK34"IPSLight matte3440 x 144075HzAMD FreeSync-2016
AOC I2481FXH23.8"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--Recommended2016
Acer Z3535" (curved)VAMedium matte2560 x 1080200Hz (OC)Nvidia G-SYNC-2016
ViewSonic VX2475Smhl-4K23.6"IPSLight matte3840 x 216060Hz--2015
Dell UP2716D27"IPSVery light matte2560 x 144060Hz--2015
ASUS PG27AQ27"IPSVery light matte3840 x 216060HzNvidia G-SYNC-2015
Samsung S27E650C27" (curved)VALight matte1920 x 108072Hz (OC)--2015
AOC G2460PF24"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144HzAMD FreeSync-2015
Samsung U32E850R31.5"IPSVery light matte3840 x 216060HzAMD FreeSync-2015
Dell P2416D23.8"IPSLight matte2560 x 144075Hz (OC)--2015
Philips 272P4APJKHB (272P4APJKEB)27"IPSLight matte2560 x 144060Hz--2015
AOC Q2577PWQ25"IPSLight matte2560 x 144060Hz--Recommended2015
BenQ EW2750ZL27"VAVery light matte1920 x 108075Hz (OC)--2015
Samsung S24E390HL23.6"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108075Hz (OC)--Recommended2015
BenQ BL3201PT (BL3201PH)32"IPSVery light matte3840 x 216060Hz--2015
Philips BDM4065UC39.56"VAGlossy3840 x 216060Hz--2015
ViewSonic VP2780-4K27"IPSVery light matte3840 x 216060Hz--2015
BenQ ZOWIE XL2730(Z)27"TNMedium matte2560 x 1440144HzAMD FreeSync-Recommended2015
Dell U3415W34" (curved)IPSVery light matte3440 x 144060Hz--2015
Samsung S34E790C34" (curved)VALight matte3440 x 144060Hz--2015
ASUS PB279Q27"IPSVery light matte3840 x 216060Hz--2015
Dell P2415Q23.8"IPSLight matte3840 x 216060Hz--2015
AOC u3477Pqu34"IPSVery light matte3440 x 144060Hz--2014
Philips 272G5DYEB27"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144HzNvidia G-SYNC-2014
AOC g2460Pg24"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144HzNvidia G-SYNC-2014
ASUS PG278Q27"TNMedium matte2560 x 1440144HzNvidia G-SYNC-2014
Dell S2415H23.8"IPSGlossy1920 x 108060Hz--2014
AOC g2770Pqu27"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144Hz--2014
Samsung U28D590D28"TNMedium matte3840 x 216060Hz--2014
AOC i2276Vwm21.5"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--2014
BenQ BL3200PT32"VAVery lght matte2560 x 144060Hz--2014
AOC i2473Pwy23.8"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--2014
Samsung S24D390HL23.6"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108075Hz (OC)--2014
AOC q2770Pqu27"IPSVery light matte2560 x 144060Hz--2014
BenQ XL2420Z24"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144Hz--2014
Philips 284E5QHAD28"VAGlossy1920 x 108060Hz--2014
BenQ BL2710PT27"IPSVery light matte2560 x 144060Hz--2014
Dell U2414H23.8"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--2014
AOC i2460Pxqu23.8"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--2013
BenQ EW2740L27"VAVery light matte1920 x 108060Hz--2013
Dell P2414H23.8"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--2013
Samsung S27C570H27"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--2013
BenQ BL2411PT24"IPSMedium matte1920 x 120060Hz--2013
Philips 272P4QPJKEB27"IPSVery light matte2560 x 144060Hz--2013
BenQ GW2760HS27"VAVery light matte1920 x 108060Hz--2013
AOC g2460Pqu24"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144Hz--2013
Samsung C27C750P27"VAVery light matte1920 x 108060Hz--2013
AOC q2963Pm (Q2963PQ)29"IPSLight matte2560 x 108072Hz (OC)--2013
AOC i2369Vm23"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--2013
Philips 278G4DHSD27"IPSGlossy1920 x 108060Hz--2013
ASUS VG248QE24"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144Hz--2013
Dell U2713H27"IPSVery light matte2560 x 144060Hz--2013
AOC i2757Fm27"IPSMedium matte1920 x 108060Hz--2012
BenQ XL2411T24"TNMedium matte1920 x 1080144Hz--2012
Dell S2740L27"IPSGlossy1920 x 108060Hz--2012
Dell S2440L24"VAGlossy1920 x 108060Hz--2012
Dell S27B970D27"IPSGlossy2560 x 144060Hz--2012
Dell U2713HM27"IPSVery light matte2560 x 144060Hz--2012