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Here you will find captivating and unique content related to PC monitors. These pieces analyse the past and current state of display technology and also look ahead to what we can expect in the future. 3D, LED-backlighting and OLED technology is all discussed. As more is known about the progression of this technology and our research continues we will broaden our topic coverage and update our existing articles.


Viewing Comfort


Factors Influencing PC Monitor Viewing Comfort

An exploration of the key factors related to viewing comfort, such as brightness and panel type. This piece expands upon information from some of our other articles, with a focus on reducing eyestrain and enhancing viewing comfort.


Monitors for Console Gaming


Monitors for Console Gaming

This piece looks at specific limitations which govern the choice of appropriate monitor for console gaming. This advice should help console gamers avoid the marketing trap and end up with much better image quality for their money. Advice on setting the latest consoles up appropriately is also provided.


Games, Movies and the Desktop at 3440 x 1440


Games, Movies and the Desktop at 3440 x 1440

Having looked at the advantages the 21:9 aspect ratio brings to the table, we expand our analysis to include some other game and movie titles (and of course the desktop) on a 34″ 3440 x 1440 model.


The ‘4K’ Experience


The '4K' UHD (3840 x 2160) Experience

It’s been a long time coming, but ‘4K’ has landed. We take a look at the ‘4K’ UHD resolution on the desktop, in games and in movies.


Correcting HDMI colour


Correcting HDMI Colour on Nvidia and AMD GPUs

HDMI is now a very popular connection standard for monitors as it supports both PCs and AV devices in one universal connection. There are some issues with how ‘1080p’ monitors are handled when connected to Nvidia GPUs via HDMI (and sometimes DisplayPort), causing washed out colours and terrible contrast. AMD GPUs also have some potential colour signal issues and scaling issues. We look at these issues and the techniques users can use to correct things.