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Gaming Monitors


Recommended Gaming Monitors

Our recommendations for gamers, with consideration for both PC and console play. Includes a summary of some key areas to focus on, such as responsiveness and HDR.


Monitors for Productivity


Recommended Monitors for Productivity

A selection of models suited to home or office working, including typing and some design work. A summary of key areas to consider is included, with the main focus being good ‘desktop real-estate’, good ergonomics and viewing comfort.


Monitors for Movies


Recommended Monitors for Movies

Models which hit the spot for movies and other video content. Covering screens which provide an atmospheric look to dark scenes as well as those focused on vivid and consistent colour output. A summary of key aspects to focus on is also provided.


Photo and Video Editing Monitors


Recommended Photo and Video Editing Monitors

These models are aimed at colour-critical work such as photo and video editing or colour-sensitive graphic design work. A summary of important things to consider when selecting a model for this purpose is also included.