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Samsung C27H580 curved Full HD VA with FreeSync

The Samsung C27F591 offers quite an impressive all-round performance, with a generous colour gamut, strong contrast and decent responsiveness. It also introduced a steeper curve than previous models, specifically 1800R. The Samsung C27H580 (also referred to as C27H580F with various regional suffixes) of the CH580 series offers a refreshed design, replacing the silver and white elements with glossy ‘black blue’ (navy blue) plastic elements.

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Samsung C34F791 100Hz VA UltraWide with Quantum Dot backlight

A few years back, Samsung unveiled the S34E790C. With its curved UltraWide VA panel, it provided an interesting and in some respects more attractive alternative to the more widespread UltraWides with IPS panels. More recent IPS UltraWides have also pushed refresh rate up well past the 60Hz limit of this model, making them far more attractive to gamers.

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Samsung C24FG70 and C27FG70 144Hz curved VA monitors with FreeSync

It has been several years since Samsung produced a high refresh rate monitor, with their glossy SA750 and SA950 models offering something a bit different to everything else on the market today. Indeed the S27A750D has served us very well as a reference display for comparison monitor responsiveness. The Samsung C24FG70 (C24FG70FQ alternative designation) and C27FG70 (C27FG70FQ alternative designation) are new 23.5” and 27″ members of the CFG70 series, boasting curved 144Hz VA panels.

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Samsung C27F591FD highly curved VA model

Up until now, Samsung’s 27” curved models have featured only a subtle 4000R curve. As noted in our review of the S27E650C, it’s so subtle that it’s barely noticeable and at any rate doesn’t really bring much to the gaming or overall viewing experience. The Samsung C27F591FD (various regional suffixes may be used) of the CF591 series is here to set things straight – or should that be, make things less straight?

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Samsung C32F391FW 31.5 inch VA with 1800R curve

A trend we’ve seen with many of Samsung’s ‘F’ series models is the inclusion of steep curves – and universally, the addition of Adaptive-Sync (AMD FreeSync support). Both of these trends are embraced by the C32F391FW (regional suffixes vary) of the CF391 series. The 1800R curve that has been adopted here is significantly steeper than the 3000R curve used on the previous S32E590C.

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Samsung S24F350FH and S27F350FH Full HD PLS models

When it comes to attractive all-round performance and price, the Samsung SE390 models are often amongst our go-to recommendations. The rather adventurous styling isn’t to everyone’s taste, though, and the lack of VESA holes also frustrates some users who were wanting some more ergonomic flexibility from their monitor. The Samsung S24F350FH and S27F350FH (also referred to as the S24F350F and S27F350F with various additional regional suffixes) of the SF350 series are set to address these shortcomings.

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