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Samsung C27H711 and C32H711 WQHD VA monitors

If there are two things Samsung has really embraced with their recent monitors, it would be the use of a curved rather than a flat screen and the use of the VA panel type. The C27H711 and C32H711 (C27H711Q and C32H711Q plus regional suffixes) of the CH71 series embrace both of these trends. In terms of styling, Samsung have again gone for the minimalistic modern look shared by the likes of their C34F791 and C27F591.

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Samsung C24FG70 and C27FG70 144Hz curved VA monitors with FreeSync

It has been several years since Samsung produced a high refresh rate monitor, with their glossy SA750 and SA950 models offering something a bit different to everything else on the market today. Indeed the S27A750D has served us very well as a reference display for comparison monitor responsiveness. The Samsung C24FG70 (C24FG70FQ alternative designation) and C27FG70 (C27FG70FQ alternative designation) are new 23.5” and 27″ members of the CFG70 series, boasting curved 144Hz VA panels.

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Samsung U32H850 with ‘4K’ VA panel and Quantum Dots

A screen size of ~32” is something of a sweet spot for the ‘4K’ UHD resolution, in our experience. The balance between comfortable scaling-free viewing and clarity is excellent. The AOC U3277PWQU distinguished itself from many alternatives of this size and resolution by offering a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel. The Samsung U32H850 makes use of a similar panel, combining this with a Quantum Dot LED backlight solution.

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Samsung S25HG50 144Hz TN model

Samsung has recently re-entered the gaming monitor scene after a notable absence for several years. Their smallest offering, the C24FG70, offers a unique experience with its high refresh rate VA (Vertical Alignment) panel. But not everybody likes to have a curve on their screen, subtle though it may seem when you’re using the screen. And moreover, there are some imperfections in responsiveness due to the panel type used.

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Samsung U28H750 ‘4K’ UHD monitor with Quantum Dots

For users interested in a reasonably large screen that supports the ‘4K’ UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) but doesn’t break the bank, the 28” models with TN panels are often popular choices. In fact the first ever UHD model we reviewed, the Samsung U28D590D, used such a panel. A newer model was released that was rather similar aside from the addition of AMD FreeSync support; the U28E590D.

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Samsung C34F791 100Hz VA UltraWide with Quantum Dot backlight

A few years back, Samsung unveiled the S34E790C. With its curved UltraWide VA panel, it provided an interesting and in some respects more attractive alternative to the more widespread UltraWides with IPS panels. More recent IPS UltraWides have also pushed refresh rate up well past the 60Hz limit of this model, making them far more attractive to gamers.

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