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ASUS PG27UQ 144Hz ‘4K’ monitor with G-SYNC HDR

The ‘4K’ UHD resolution offers a potentially rich and rewarding gaming experience, but due to bandwidth restrictions on current port controllers has been restricted to 60Hz. The ASUS PG27UQ makes use of DisplayPort 1.4, which has been available on the current generation of GPUs for a little while now, to combine the UHD resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate.

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ASUS PG248Q 180Hz Full HD G-SYNC monitor

The ASUS VG248QE was one of the first monitors on the scene to sport a 144Hz refresh rate. With its combination of strong pixel responsiveness, well-tuned pixel overdrive, low input lag and attractive price it still remains a viable choice more than 3 years on from its release. The ASUS PG248Q pushes the boundaries further, supporting an overclocked refresh rate of 180Hz and featuring Nvidia’s G-SYNC variable refresh rate technology.

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ASUS PG348Q 100Hz curved UltraWide IPS

For users looking for an engrossing gaming experience, curved 34” 21:9 ‘UltraWide’ models like the Samsung S34E790C and Dell U3415W are compelling choices. But for some, the static 60Hz refresh rate simply isn’t high enough or dynamic enough. The ASUS PG348Q, which belongs to the manufacturer’s famed ROG (Republic Of Gamers) brand, offers such users a bit more to bite their teeth into.

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ASUS MX27UQ ‘4K’ UHD FreeSync with style

ASUS have greatly expanded their ‘Designo MX’ range of monitors in recent times, with recent additions including 25” and 27” WQHD (2560 x 1440) models. The MX27UQ brings this design flair to the realm of ‘4K’ UHD. The stand and bottom bezel feature brushed metal with an ‘Icicle Gold’ colouration for the bottom bezel. Similar colouration is used on the stand and side monitor surround (i.e.

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The PG278Q ROG SWIFT has won over many gamers with its mixture of high resolution, high refresh rate and support for Nvidia G-SYNC variable refresh rate technology. We have to stop affectionately referring to this model simply as the ‘ROG SWIFT’, though, because there’s now another ‘ROG SWIFT’ in town. The ASUS PG27AQ brandishes the same title but is an altogether different beast – on the inside, at least.

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ASUS MX25AQ brings 25 inches of style

The ASUS ‘MX’ series offers a refined look that some users really appreciate, with its sundial-inspired stand design and brushed metal bottom bezel. The ASUS MX25AQ compliments the MX27AQ with its slightly smaller (25”) panel, whilst still offering similar capabilities. Indeed we’ve seen from models like the AOC Q2577PWQ that the lower price and smaller screen in no way forces any sort of compromise when it comes to image quality and performance.

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