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Nvidia G-SYNC – variable refresh rate technology

Traditionally monitors operate at a fixed refresh rate – commonly 60Hz, 120Hz or 144Hz. When running graphically intensive content, such as games, frame rate can be expected to fluctuate in response to varying levels of ‘demand’ from the game or application. This introduces something of a dilemma for gamers in particular. They are forced to choose one of two main options that determine how the GPU handles its ‘passing of frames’ to the monitor– ‘VSync off’ or ‘VSync on’.

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BenQ XL2411T vs ASUS VG248QE

For users interested in a 24” monitor for fast-paced PC gaming, the choice will inevitably include these two models. There may be others you’ll be considering, perhaps larger models and those with different panel types, but these will likely be your hot favourites. Both of these models use the same 144Hz panel and are highly capable in their own rights.

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