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AOC AG251FG 240Hz model with G-SYNC

Gamers of all levels can appreciate having a monitor with higher refresh rate. The ‘connected feel’ and decreased perceived blur that comes about when such a monitor is coupled with a high frame rate can quite literally be a game-changer. The AOC AG251FG is another addition to the ever-expanding line of AGON models, designed with competitive gaming in mind.

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AOC AG322QCX WQHD 144Hz VA model

The number of monitors available with significantly higher refresh rates than the standard 60Hz has been steadily increasing in recent times. For those who like large screens but also appreciate decent pixel densities and want to stick with the 16:9 aspect ratio, the choice has been a bit limited thus far. The AOC AG322QCX, which belongs to the rapidly expanding line of AGON models, may be just what such users have been waiting for.

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AOC PDS241 and PDS271 designer monitors

The AOC I2481FXH and I2781FH have proven themselves attractive choices for users wanting a stylish and minimalistic (dare we say ‘artistic’) looking screen, with good all-round performance. The AOC PDS241 and PDS271 continue this quest for style, with a little design help from Studio F.A. Porsche – better known for their cars but also dabbling in a bit of appliance and technology design every now and then.

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AOC AG352UCG 3440 x 1440 100Hz VA with G-SYNC

The 3440 x 1440 resolution provides a highly immersive and rewarding gaming experience. Indeed, many users who have gamed at 21:9 and witnessed the impressive wide-FOV gaming for themselves would find it difficult to go back to anything else. For gamers with Nvidia GPUs, high refresh rates and support for Nvidia G-SYNC make screens like the ASUS PG348Q even more appealing.

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AOC AG271QG 165Hz IPS-type G-SYNC model

The AOC AG271QX was a recently announced member of the new AGON series of gaming monitors. Using a FreeSync-compatible 144Hz TN panel with 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution, it seems an interesting alternative to products like the BenQ XL2730Z. The AOC AG271QG, also of the AGON series, offers an interesting alternative to products like the ASUS PG279Q and Acer XB271HU.

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AOC AG241QG and AG241QX 144Hz+ WQHD models

Having taken a look at the Having taken a look at the Dell P2416D, which was one of the first WQHD (2560 x 1440) models to hit the scene with a ~24” screen, we can certainly see the appeal of that combination of screen size and resolution. The size itself is one many are comfortable to have on their desks, whilst we found the monitor fine to use without scaling – and also enjoyed the pixel density.

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