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AOC AG251FZ with 240Hz TN panel

Having recently reviewed the 180Hz-capable ASUS PG248Q, we certainly appreciate that there is some benefit to be had even beyond already high refresh rates such as 144Hz. But with that model, a 144Hz panel is used and then overclocked to up to 180Hz – bringing with it some contrast and artifacting issues. The AOC AG251FZ features a 24.5” TN panel with native 240Hz refresh rate – no overclocking required.

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AOC AG271QG 165Hz IPS-type G-SYNC model

The AOC AG271QX was a recently announced member of the new AGON series of gaming monitors. Using a FreeSync-compatible 144Hz TN panel with 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution, it seems an interesting alternative to products like the BenQ XL2730Z. The AOC AG271QG, also of the AGON series, offers an interesting alternative to products like the ASUS PG279Q and Acer XB271HU.

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AOC AG241QG and AG241QX 144Hz+ WQHD models

Having taken a look at the Dell P2416D, which was one of the first WQHD (2560 x 1440) models to hit the scene with a ~24” screen, we can certainly see the appeal of that combination of screen size and resolution. The size itself is one many are comfortable to have on their desks, whilst we found the monitor fine to use without scaling – and also enjoyed the pixel density.

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AOC U3277PWQU with ‘4K’ UHD MVA panel

The 3840 x 2160 ‘4K’ UHD resolution has a lot to offer, especially on a ~32” screen where the balance between readability and pixel density is relatively good. For users wanting the strong contrast and lack of ‘IPS glow’ that VA (Vertical Alignment) technology offers, the choice of UHD models has been quite overwhelming. So far, in fact, they have been limited to monitors using 40” or so panels that borrowed from TVs.

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AOC Q2781PQ stylish 2560 x 1440 AH-IPS model

Often monitors that skimp on ergonomics come with relatively flimsy stands that are just there to hold the monitor in position. Whether they do so in a ‘solid’ and sure way is a rare bonus. When we tested the AOC I2481FXH, we were happy to find that the stand not only looked the part, but it was remarkably well-built with a good solid feel.

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AOC AG271QX 144Hz WQHD FreeSync monitor

The concept of the ‘ideal gaming monitor’ will vary wildly depending on who you ask. Many gamers interested in faster paced titles in particular would agree, though, that having a high refresh rate and low latency are important. Other features such as respectable resolution and variable refresh rate technologies are also appreciated. As the first of several models to be added to the company’s ‘AGON’ line-up of gaming monitors, the AOC AG271QX is designed with these desirable attributes in mind.

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