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ViewSonic XG2402 144Hz Full HD model with FreeSync

Update: We’ll be reviewing this model in the not too distant future (still awaiting a sample). News piece below initially published 29th September 2017.


One of our go-to recommendations when it comes to 24” Full HD 144Hz monitors is the ViewSonic XG2401. It combines strong responsiveness with decent image quality, a better balance in both respects than many competing models at least. The ViewSonic XG2402 is an evolution of this product, and although it doesn’t make any huge aesthetic changes there is one particularly noteworthy change. The stand base is much shallower, meaning the monitor can be placed closer to the wall (if your desk is against one) to bring greater distance between your eyes and the monitor. This will come as welcome news to those who don’t have a particularly deep desk. The OSD (On Screen Display) controls are downwards-facing buttons that are pressable rather than touch sensitive. This differs to the original central button placement on the older model. Various new features are also found on the new model’s OSD, which we’ll come onto shortly.

A better stand base

The panel used is a 24” TN (Twisted Nematic) part, specifically the AU Optronics M240HW01 V80 as used on all modern 24” 144Hz Full HD TN models. This features a 1000:1 static contrast ratio, 170°/160° horizontal/vertical viewing angles and a medium (‘regular’) matte anti-glare screen surface. The monitor offers a 144Hz refresh rate for both Nvidia and AMD users, with AMD users also able to benefit from FreeSync support (48 – 144Hz plus LFC support for lower frame rates). A flicker-free WLED backlight is used, offering ~sRGB colour gamut coverage and 350 cd/m² typical maximum brightness. 6-bit + FRC colour is supported (16.7 million colours) whilst a 1ms grey to grey response time is specified. A number of new features are included in the OSD, first seen by ourselves on the XG2530. One such feature is ‘Rampage Response’, offering greater control over the pixel overdrive of the monitor with 5 different response time settings. Another very welcome feature is the inclusion of 6 different gamma modes – this is particularly welcome given that this panel is known to differ in terms of native gamma. And some units, even of ‘good’ models like the XG2401, are stuck with lower than ideal average gamma with no way to correct this via the OSD. Other settings include ‘Black Stabilization’ to enhance detail level in dark areas, a ‘Blue Light Filter’ (low blue light setting) and a ‘Color Saturation’ setting.

The rear of the screen is not too dissimilar to the older model, but there is the notable addition of two slanted inwards-facing red chevrons at either side. These feature LEDs which can be set to glow red in the OSD (‘Rampage X Lighting’). Most of the rear is matte black plastic, aside from the obvious red elements. Most people will have this facing a wall so shouldn’t care too much about this anyway. There is a cable tidy loop which appears to have the same flimsy but passable design as that used on the old model and the XG25. A retractable headphone hook can be found at the top of the stand neck. The ports are down-firing and include; HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2a (supports Adaptive-Sync for AMD FreeSync), 3.5mm audio output, 2 USB 3.0 ports (plus upstream), AC power input (internal power converter). The included screen offers full ergonomic flexibility; tilt, height, swivel and pivot (rotation into portrait). It can be removed and replaced by an alternative 100 x 100mm VESA solution if preferred.

Extra red touches (your wall will appreciate it)

Further information can be found on the official product page. Note there are some errors on this page at time of writing, including with the dimensions drawing (the screen is 24” not 24.5”) and the fact that some parts mention 2 x HDMI 1.4 ports even though one of the ports supports HDMI 2.0. The monitor is listed in the UK for £269 with avialability expected in November 2017. We will review this model as soon as a sample can be made available.

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