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BenQ EW3270ZL 32 inch WQHD AMVA+ model

Some users like plenty of space and plenty of contrast on their screen, but don’t want to jump all the way up to the ‘4K’ UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160. Models such as the BenQ BL3200PT offer an alternative, with 32” WQHD (2560 x 1440) VA panels. The BenQ EW3270ZL makes use of such a panel and combines it with a number of new features.

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BenQ PD3200U and PD3200Q UHD and WQHD designer monitors

BenQ have produced quite a range of solidly built monitors with a plethora of useful features for ‘professional’ users and solid all-round performance. The BL3201PT/PH and BL3200PT are two such examples of this, designed with CAD/CAM users in mind. The BenQ PD2700Q and PD3200Q are updated versions of these models, again aimed with designers in mind but sure to appeal more broadly.

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BenQ EW2770QZ 27 inch IPS-type WQHD monitor

A lot of our recent coverage and the reviews we’ve produced have focused on high refresh rate models designed with gamers in mind. Some users, though, are looking for something more humble. They have no need or desire for high refresh rates and simply want a good all-round performer that looks nice and offers some useful features.

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BenQ XL2540 240Hz Full HD monitor

When it comes to responsive gameplay, elevated refresh rates and frame rates are vitally important. As explored in this article, high refresh rates and frame rates are vitally important for a good ‘connected feel’ when playing a game and can also hugely reduce perceived blur. We’ve recently seen models push up the refresh rate beyond even 144Hz, for example with the 180Hz-capable ASUS PG248Q.

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BenQ XL2735 144Hz 2560 x 1440 gaming monitor

As far as gaming monitors go, the BenQ XL2730Z has proven to be quite a capable beast. The BenQ XL2735 is a tweaked version of this, now coming under the company’s ZOWIE gaming brand. Aesthetically there are a few minor changes – from the front, you will notice the addition of a ‘shield’. This is essentially very similar to the calibration hood that some monitors designed for colour-critical work may come with.

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BenQ EW2775ZH Full HD VA model

When it comes to viewing comfort and a nice-looking image for all-round use, the BenQ EW2750ZL is a popular choice amongst our readers. The BenQ EW2775ZH brings forward a similar panel and combines it with a host of interesting new features with viewing comfort in mind. Aesthetically the monitor does not deviate too wildly from the EW2750ZL, with a fairly angular appearance with very slender bezels.

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