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AOC G2590PX and G2790PX 144Hz Full HD TN models

Update: Our review of the 24.5″ model is now live. News piece below initially published 18th December 2017.


AOC have really bolstered their gaming line-up recently, with the introduction of their ‘AGON’ sub-brand. But they produce some interesting ‘mainstream gaming’ models as well, which are ‘simpler’ and more affordable. These come with the ‘G’ rather than ‘AG’ prefix. The AOC G2460PF being a notable member of that series, for example. The G2590PX and G2790PX expand the ‘G’ series, offering 24.5” and 27” screens designed for a highly responsive Full HD gaming experience. The AGON series tends to provide quite a robust look that screams ‘gamer’, whereas the ‘G’ series tends to be simpler. That isn’t to say boring; the G90 models offer a unique aesthetic. They offer a dual-bezel design with a very thin hard plastic outer bezel as well as a slim panel border. The panel border blends in seamlessly when the monitor is off, as shown in the image below. This sort of bezel design is quite common on monitors more broadly, but most Full HD 144Hz models tend to use older panels with single-stage bezels instead. The bottom bezel is a semi-matte dark red and a similarly coloured cable-tidy loop integrated into the stand neck.

The snazzy front

The monitors use 24.5” (G25) and 27” (G27) TN (Twisted Nematic) panels from AU Optronics; likely variants of the M250HTN01 and M270HTN02. These offer a 144Hz refresh rate with support for AMD FreeSync on compatible GPUs (30Hz – 144Hz variable refresh rate range). A 1000:1 static contrast is specified alongside 170°/160° viewing angles, as is typical for a TN panel. A matte anti-glare screen surface is employed, likely medium matte as seen on other 144Hz Full HD TN models. 8-bit colour is supported (6-bit + FRC likely) and a flicker-free WLED backlight is employed. This offers an ~sRGB colour gamut and continues the trend towards use of DC dimming rather than PWM for backlight regulation, for enhanced visual comfort. Another feature designed with visual comfort in mind is the ‘Low Blue Light’ setting, particularly useful for relaxing evening viewing. A 1ms grey to grey response time is specific and a ‘Low Input Lag’ bypass mode features to cut down on extraneous processing and minimise latency as much as possible.

Another feature of note is ‘Shadow Control’, which modifies the gamma curve of the monitor. Specifically, it allows the user to lighten up dark shades to give them a competitive advantage (i.e. enemies are easier to spot in dark areas). The monitors also feature ergonomically flexible stands, allowing; tilt, height swivel and pivot (clockwise rotation into portrait). They attach using a quick-release mechanism (no screw driver needed) and can be replaced by an alternative 100 x 100mm VESA compatible stand or mount if preferred. Ports include; 2 HDMI ports, DP 1.2a (supports FreeSync via Adaptive-Sync), VGA, USB 3.0, a 3.5mm headphone jack and integrated stereo speakers. The AOC G27 is due for immediate release with an MSRP of £309 in the UK, whilst the G25 is due in February 2018 with an MSRP of £249. We don’t currently have information on release in other regions, such as the United States. We hope to review the G25 in the not too distant future. For those on a tighter budget, an alternative model that runs at 75Hz (30 – 75Hz with FreeSync) called the G2590VXQ is also on the way with an MSRP of £159. Some other changes with the model include a lack of USB ports and a simple tilt-only stand.

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