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AOC AG322QCX WQHD 144Hz VA model

Update: We’re currently reviewing this model. The review and release of this model has been delayed slightly due to minor issues that AOC will be addressing prior to release. The monitor is now due out in the first week of June in the UK. Further information here.
News piece below initially published 20th February 2017.

The number of monitors available with significantly higher refresh rates than the standard 60Hz has been steadily increasing in recent times. For those who like large screens but also appreciate decent pixel densities and want to stick with the 16:9 aspect ratio, the choice has been a bit limited thus far. The AOC AG322QCX, which belongs to the rapidly expanding line of AGON models, may be just what such users have been waiting for. Aesthetically it adopts a style shared by various other models of the series. This includes a powder-coated metal stand and some LED lights along the bottom bezel. These can be set to red, green or blue and changed to three intensity levels (or disabled entirely, if you prefer). The bezels at the top and sides are very slender, with a two-stage design consisting of a very slim panel border and a hard plastic outer component. The panel border blends in seamlessly when the monitor is switched off, as shown in the image below. The OSD (On Screen Display) is controlled by a joystick facing downwards in the centre of the bottom bezel. A ‘QuickSwitch controller’ which connects via mini-USB is also provided as an alternative means of controlling the OSD.

Slender bezels and a curve

A 31.5” VA (Vertical Alignment) panel is used, sporting a 1800R curve, 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. This is coupled with support for Adaptive-Sync and hence AMD FreeSync, with a variable refresh rate range specified as 48 – 146Hz. LFC (Low Framerate Compensation) should also be supported. The monitor will likely use a light matte anti-glare screen surface with quite a smooth surface texture and decent glare-handling characteristics. True 8-bit colour is supported without dithering and a static contrast ratio of 2000:1 is specified alongside 178°/178° viewing angles. A flicker-free WLED backlight is employed which offers 100% sRGB coverage. There is an additional viewing comfort enhancing feature in the form of a ‘Low Blue Light’ slider, which can be set between 0 (off) and 20 (maximum effect). 4ms grey to grey response time is also quoted, which is typical for the panel type but as we always say should be approached with caution. A read through this article is well recommended for those who are interested to learn more about why these figures can be rather misleading. Finally, AOC includes their ‘ShadowControl’ gamma enhancement feature. This allows the user to enhance visibility in dark areas for a competitive advantage, at the expense of image accuracy.

The included stand offers good ergonomic flexibility; tilt (5.5° forwards and 28° backwards), swivel (30° left and 30° right) as well as height adjustment. This connects via 100 x 100mm VESA to the central region at the rear of the monitor and can be replaced by an alternative 100 x 100mm stand or mount if preferred. Another interesting feature at the rear is are the silver ‘wings’, with three LED strips running down either side. These are controlled at the same time as the LED strips on the bottom bezels, so can also have their colour and intensity changed. Or of course be disabled, if preferred. The ports include; 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, 2 DP 1.2a ports (support Adaptive-Sync), VGA, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 3.5mm headphone jack and 3.5mm microphone jack. Simple stereo speakers are also included for basic sound output.

Slender bezels and a curve

Further information is available on the manufacturer’s website. The monitor was originally due for a UK release in May 2017, with an MSRP of £519 including VAT. This has slipped back slightly whilst minor issues are addressed prior to release. A release in other regions such as the US is likely around a similar time. We are currently reviewing this model.

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