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Samsung C27H580 curved Full HD VA with FreeSync

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The Samsung C27F591 offers quite an impressive all-round performance, with a generous colour gamut, strong contrast and decent responsiveness. It also introduced a steeper curve than previous models, specifically 1800R. The Samsung C27H580 (also referred to as C27H580F with various regional suffixes) of the CH580 series offers a refreshed design, replacing the silver and white elements with glossy ‘black blue’ (navy blue) plastic elements. The bezels are again very slender, including a hard outer component and slim panel border. The JOG button (joystick) for intuitive navigation through the OSD (On Screen Display) has also been retained.

A different colour

A 27” SVA (‘Super’ Vertical Alignment) panel is used with with 1800R curvature, 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution and 3000:1 static contrast. 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angles are specified and true 8-bits per subpixel colour is supported. It is likely the same panel found in the C27F591FD, if not a very similar variant. The screen surface is light matte anti-glare with fairly smooth surface texture, keeping the image free from obvious graininess and retaining a good degree of vibrancy. Speaking of vibrancy, a flicker-free WLED backlight with ‘Active Crystal Colour’ (i.e. doped phosphors to enhance the colour gamut) is used to offer 119.3% sRGB coverage. Low Blue Light (LBL) settings feature, including ‘Eye Saver Mode’ which massively reduces contrast (intentionally) and creates a much warmer look to the image. A 4ms grey to grey response time is specified (take with salt) and although the panel itself is natively 60Hz, it can be run at 72Hz. It also offers support for AMD FreeSync, via Adaptive-Sync on the monitor, with a variable refresh rate range likely the same as its predecessor – 48 – 72Hz. The included stand offers tilt as the only ergonomic flexibility and there is no provision for VESA mounting; just like the CF591. The ports are also exactly the same; DP 1.2a (supports Adaptive-Sync), HDMI 1.4a (support Adaptive-Sync), VGA, 3.5mm headphone jack, 3.5mm audio input and DC power input (external power brick).

A glossy navy rear

Further information on the monitor can be found on certain regional Samsung websites (including their German one). Given the striking similarities with the CF591, we won’t be putting this one on our ‘to review’ list.

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Samsung C27H580