Another 144Hz model – the ASUS VG248QE

ASUS broke the mould with the VG278HE, their latest 27” ‘high hertz’ offering, by giving the user not just 120Hz but a full 144Hz to play with. We have been able to confirm that, despite not being advertised as such, the BenQ XL2411T outputs 144Hz by default on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. Now the ‘A team’ has a new kid on the block in the form of the VG248QE.

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AOC i2757Fm AH-IPS monitor

AOC have released the i2757Fm, a 27” monitor featuring one of LG’s new mysterious ‘AH-IPS’ panels. The monitor is part of the company’s ‘Style’ line and features the same seamless ‘inner bezel’ and thin ‘outer bezel ‘ design that will be featured on LG’s own IPS7 series. The front of the monitor has a rather angular appearance to the screen itself, a square ‘brushed effect’ silver stand and silver bottom bezel component.

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