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Dell P4317Q Multi-Client ‘4K’ UHD monitor

Update: Dell have confirmed that this model uses PWM and is not flicker-free. This is further confirmed in this video courtesy of our reader Pb-KomA, which shows PWM kick in at brightness levels below ‘100’.
News piece below initially published 6th May 2016.

The Dell ‘P’ (Professional) series has included some models with impressive all-round performance, such as the P2414H and newer P2415Q. The P4317Q knocks things up several notches, with a screen so large that Dell markets it as a ‘Multi-Client monitor’. Externally it takes many aesthetic cues from other recent members of the ‘P’ series; a home-office look with matte black and silver plastics, tactile control buttons and a small vertical strip power LED that glows a gentle white. The included stand offers tilt as the only ergonomic flexibility.

A large matte screen

A large matte screen

The monitor uses a 42.51” IPS-type panel, likely an LG Display model. This is something that would differentiate it from the Philips BDM4350UC, which uses an in-house (TP Vision) panel. The panel boasts a 3840 x 2160 (‘4K’ UHD) resolution, with a pixel density of just under 104 PPI. This will be comfortable for many users to use without scaling and obviously provides a great deal of useful real-estate. That is indeed why Dell touts the ‘Multi-Client’ capability of the monitor, with PiP and PbP allowing 4 devices to output to the screen simultaneously. The screen surface is matte, unlike the Philips which is essentially glossy. Other aspects of note include a 60Hz refresh rate, 1000:1 static contrast ratio, 10-bit colour output (likely 8-bit + FRC dithering) and 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angles. An enhanced phosphor WLED backlight is used to offer excellent sRGB colour space coverage but no support for wide colour gamuts.

Dell is often much less ambitious with specified response times than most other manufacturers and this time is no exception. An 8ms grey to grey response time is specified. The monitor includes 100 x 100mm and 200 x 200mm VESA holes for alternative mounting. The ports include; DP 1.2, mDP 1.2, 2 HDMI 1.4 ports (with MHL), VGA, 4 USB 3.0 ports (plus upstream), a 3.5mm audio input, 3.5mm audio output and RS232 port. Two 8W speakers are also included, which should provide fairly decent sound output.

Quick-release for stand with VESA holes beneath

Quick-release for stand with VESA holes beneath

The monitor is currently listed for $1350 on Dell’s product page, where further information can be found. This appears to be intended as a B2B product and may not see the usual wider retail availability. We will provide further details as we get them and will request to review this model if the demand is there.

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Dell P4317Q

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