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LG 29UM67 and 34UM67 with Adaptive-Sync

As AMD unleashes their first ever ‘FreeSync’ compatible driver onto the world (with more to follow), it seems fitting to bring you news of two models which are designed to take advantage of the technology. These models were showcased at CES in 2015, but it’s only recently that official product pages with the full gamut of information available have emerged.

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LG 29UC97 curved 29 incher

We’ve seen a number of models introduce a curved screen as a ‘feature’, designed to promote a more natural-looking and comfortable viewing experience. In our own experience the effect is quite subtle, but still nice to have on some of the larger screens (the 34” models). The LG 29UC97 (also referred to as 29UC97C or 29UC97C-B) is essentially a smaller and lower resolution version of the 34UC97, driven by similar technology and using similar features.

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LG 24MP67VQ and 27MP67VQ ‘Neo Blade’ models

LG have released a range of panels, of various sizes and resolutions, which have exceptionally slender bezels. As with their previous generation ‘cinema display’ bezel styles, there is both a very thin hard outer bezel component and a thicker inner panel border. With their new so-called ‘Neo Blade’ design the panel border is cut down significantly to reduce the overall bezel area.

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