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BenQ XL2730Z with WQHD resolution and Adaptive-Sync

Having a high refresh rate is great for fast-paced gaming. But in many circumstances it is difficult to consistently sustain a frame rate which matches the refresh rate of the monitor. If the user disables VSync in such a situation, they can expect tearing and juddering. If they enable VSync they can expect stuttering and … Read More

Samsung U24E590D and U28E590D – UHD Adaptive-Sync

In this article and various reviews, we’ve explored how variable refresh rate technologies can help provide a smoother gaming experience than fixed refresh rates when the frame rate varies. We’ve also explored the 3840 x 2160 ‘4K’ Ultra High Definition resolution and indeed how demanding it can be on modern games titles with detail settings … Read More

Samsung C27HG70 and C32HG70 with curved 144Hz WQHD panels

Update: Our review of the 27″ model should be pulblished on or before Cyber Monday. News piece below initially published 8th June 2017. Samsung have been particularly keen to push out monitors with a curve, which from our experience isn’t a bad thing and is often something people only fully appreciate after direct experience. They’ve … Read More

AOC Q3279VWF 31.5 inch VA WQHD FreeSync model

Update: We’ll shortly be reviewing this model. News piece below initially published 24th October 2017. Some users like the combination of ‘screen real-estate’ and moderate pixel density offered by ~32” 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) models. With a pixel density of 93.24 PPI (Pixels Per Inch), it brings the same sort of clarity and text size … Read More

ViewSonic XG2402 144Hz Full HD model with FreeSync

Update: We’ll shortly be reviewing this model. News piece below initially published 29th September 2017. One of our go-to recommendations when it comes to 24” Full HD 144Hz monitors is the ViewSonic XG2401. It combines strong responsiveness with decent image quality, a better balance in both respects than many competing models at least. The ViewSonic … Read More

Samsung C34H890 100Hz VA UltraWide with 1800R curve

Update: We had originally planned to review this monitor, although the sample has been delayed. Other reviews will take priority. News piece below initially published 28th June 2017. Samsung first released the S34E790C, with a relatively gentle 3000R curve and 60Hz refresh rate. It then introduced the C34F791, bringing with it some fairly radical design … Read More